Mad Valley (Universal McCann)

The 2013 Line-up


Friday Oct 11 13:30 on Eleven

Gregg S. Colvin, COO, North America

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Media / Professional Services


1160 Battery St , Suite 40

What do you get when you cross Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley? A colossal explosion of innovation and sheer will-power blasting from the bright and burgeoning minds of the very best of the startup generation. That?s what. Modern media is evolving at an unprecedented rate, from something to watch or hear, to something to swipe, augment, or control. The only way to embrace this is to adapt. Fast. Universal McCann refuses to stand stubborn and smell the burnt rubber of media?s rapid acceleration. We want to pave the road ahead for startups, publishers, and VC communities to work together to evolve our respective practices.


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